Friday, April 3, 2020

Downloading Zoom Video Conferencing Service Gives Way To Security Issues

Ivacy VPN 2020 DealCircumstances have become such that people have been limited to their homes, at such times conducting daily business and carrying out the job becomes difficult. Video conferencing apps like the ZOOM have become immensely helpful in this regard. These apps enable you to conduct one-on-one meetings as well as group meetings. It has given rise to security concerns of these apps, which as claimed by makers of these apps. Some or the other data is being mined by these apps, also as claimed by them, there is no end to end encryption as offered by Whatsapp, giving way to malware hacking or monitoring your videos and calls. However, benefits offered by this software are huge, what you can do is ensure your connection does not allow any phishing or stealing of your sensitive information.

VPN networks like Ivacy are have created servers which enable for such conference calls to be routed through the service's secured servers thereby disabling any such malware that may be included in any video conferencing apps.Masking of IP address makes you protected from hackers, malware, surveillance agencies and ISP, etc. Easy installation and easy utility makes it possible for new users to configure it with its user friendly interface and customer service that is available all the time.

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