Monday, April 13, 2020

Dr. Fone Toolkit Is An Absolute Must To Get Maximum Utility From Your Iphone or Android

1-click to transfer contacts,SMS,photos and more between iOS and Android devices Most people do not use their mobile phones to the maximum, when explored you need to know that your phone is a mini computer which can store and share useful information. If you feel, storing, sharing and using useful information is cumbersome, you have definitely not tried the Dr. Fone app, designed to make using your mobile in an easy manner. Basically, the app knows how this smart phone is really smart but at times you as an user may require certain help in managing it efficiently.

Here are 4 different things that the Dr. Fone toolkit does for you:

  1. Transfer Whatsapp Data: Whatsapp is an important medium of transferring many different types of data, audio, pdf, photos, files, etc. Isolating and transferring this data from your old phone to your new phone can be confusing, it is even more so if you are changing the OS of your phone. Dr,Fone can be to your rescue, a simple touch can transfer data effortlessly and to the folders it must be, so you have access to the same data in your new phone too. Whatsapp data including contacts, relevant group information, etc. is protected and preserved. 
  2. Transfer data from mobile phone to PC: Use any mobile phone, if you want to store relevant and important data, downloads, bluetooth transfers, etc. you  will find a PC having more capacity with storage going to TB. Storing or creating your phone data backup to a PC is the best thing you can do if you want to avoid losses. Dr.Fone once installed will help you backup effortlessly, you can also select the files and all the relevant data that you need to backup while cleaning out the other.
  3. Data Erase: Dr.Fone is designed to manage your phone completely which includes complete erasure of data that should not remain on your device at all. Many a times, most OS creates a backup of the erased data this is to facilitate help in case you want to restore deleted data. In this scenario, you think particular images or files have been deleted, but the truth is these can he restored or stealthily accessed by anyone if they are expert enough. Data erase confidently erases your data even from the backup and the deleted file folders. The data is removed from the entire system, thereby freeing your mind of any doubt that unwanted files exist anywhere, this makes you safer. 
  4. System repair: Have you been getting a message saying system error when you unlock or start a particular app? Your device may have had a system damage because of continuous installation or uninstalling of apps or other software. Unsafe software often uninstalls in an irregular manner thereby damaging some key scripts. Dr. Fone toolkit can identify and repair the damage by telling you or automatically downloading scripts and parts of missing code. This system repair can be done at your behest, you will find using it is easy and the process generally involves the software checking. System repair is provided separately or will come included if you go for entire toolkit.
  5. Phone Unlock: Do you have problems remembering patters or numbers that you added as screen lock? If so, this software can come to your rescue. You will need your PC to have this software, which will start the process and unlocking your phone. Depending on the phone model you can easily reset or unlock the phone after some processes are run by the software.
With so many uses, Dr.Fone toolkit is a must have on your PC and your mobile phone for optimum usage of your mobile phone and also zero chances of your data loss or data transfer problems.

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