Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Famisafe Parental Control App Helps You Regulate Your Child's Mobile Phone Activity

Famisafe Parental Control App
 Do you fear giving a mobile phone to your child thinking it could be exposing him/her to a world that they might not fully comprehend? Do you think connecting to the internet will put your child to risk from unknown and unseen entities that could simply damage their childhood? If you think so, you are absolutely right... Every smartphone and mobile phone has internet connectivity and in your child's mind, it is an opportunity to become older faster. But little does your child realize that the world out there is at times dangerous and not like they envisaged. That is why every concerned parent should try to monitor and help your child steer past apps and websites which are not safe for the children.
Wondershare brings to you Famisafe Parental control app that helps you control your child's mobile activity and ensure that they adopt their new mobile phones healthily into their life. Here are a few pointers which will help you understand how this software works and what it really does.

  1. How does the Famisafe parental control all work?
 Famisoft app is a paid app, which offers trial for 3 days free. Login to the above website and create an account. Download the app on your mobile as well as your child's from Google Playstore or Appstore and login using the registration details. You can then start controlling your child's mobile phone and control their actions.

  1. What does it do for you?
Here are a few things of what it does for the parents and how children become safer.

  1. You can control which app can be installed and which cannot, you can avoid installation of  inappropriate apps.
  2. You can track your child's whereabouts continuously, especially useful when your child is going out camping or venturing out on their own with their friends into the world.
  3. You can control the screen time. Deciding the time when the mobile phone stops is in your hands. Now your child will not be glued to the mobile phone at all times, you can also control the number of hours he/she spends on the mobile phone in a day.
  4. Block inappropriate communication, websites and apps that could put your child's identity at risk. All settings are flexible and easy to manage. 
  5. Each time the app senses your child is being cyberbullied or is being harassed or your child is being exposed to adult content that appears in child's conversation, you will be alerted by the app. 
Famisafe aims at keeping your family especially your children safe from innumerable online threats

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