Monday, September 9, 2019

Nuance Digital Customer Engagement With AI in Multiple Omni Channels

Are you customers complaining about being made to wait in long telephone queues when seeking answers to their basic queries? If so, you need to change your idea about using telephone communication for each type of customer query. Most successful companies are now relying on the newly established reliability and usability of the AI. AI can help you resolve the long queues of irate customers, they can simply call the AI or else seek an answer through their gadget and get answer immediately.

Nuance is known for its cutting edge AI technology, when it comes to dealing with multiple and complex queries. Moreover, now is the age is to personalize digital messaging and query solving, instead of providing with generic answers. All you need is to provide a proper algorithm ensuring every customer is provided with ideal response that is perfect and viable for him/her.

Nuance ensures that their AI is available on all channels of customers, the customer goes through a proper channel without experiencing any loss of focus. For example, if your customer has seen an advertisement on the mobile phone and decides to check it out on the laptop, or sees the advertisement on TV and decides to visit you through the mobile phone, he should be able to see the same results wherever he goes.  This establishes your company's credibility as well as gives a greater focus and ability to concentrate on your product.

You can always feed information into the algorithm, information that is generic and does not require the human touch. For providing an impressive experience, integrating both, the AI and the human touch will create a convincing and intelligent experience. Your customer representative could be talking to your customer at the same time, he/she could be on the computer checking out the details as the representative starts mentioning thereby getting better information and an idea about your product or service. 

Digital customer engagement with AI available on multiple channels like the mobile phones, SMS, computer websites, automated messages, call centers can help you reduce unnecessary overhead expenditure and provide your customer with meaningful interaction. Find more about Nuance Digital Omni Channel Customer Engagement.