Tuesday, September 17, 2019

LapLink Software PC Mover Professional is the Only software transfers files, programs, settings, etc.

Buying a new PC and getting it to work to its optimum level just like the old PC can prove a difficult task that can consume hours. You will need to install all programs, alter settings and transfer data files from old PC to new PC. If you use unlimited programs to do your work and manage your affairs, you could have to go through a time consuming rigorous task of shifting all files from the old PC to the new one. You may need to deal with installation CDs one after another till your computer is ready to work.

All this frustration can be avoided by smartly using the LapLink PC Mover Professional software which will transfer your files and installations within no time, with least effort. In fact, all you need to do that is set where you want all programs to be installed, the installations will work according to the settings.

Here is somewhat of the procedure, it would always be better if you read the instructions thoroughly before starting the PC Mover. For those new to this procedure, should try out the 24/7 helpline which will guide you in a step by step process to ensure your transition of a new machine is easy and smooth.

1. Install the Laplink PC Mover Professional software on both PCs(new and old), when in range both will connect automatically. You will need to make a few settings with the smooth user interface which makes it easier for newbies to use this software.

2. You can then start the transfer of all your old data, files, settings, programs, etc., to the new PC. If you are wondering whether the change of versions will have effect, the answer is no. Smooth transition will take place even between older and newer version of PC OS.

3. Transferring of all your data and software will take time. So do you need to wait there till it is completed or you can simply go ahead and spend your day doing chores of simply relaxing? Yes, all you need is complete settings and configurations for location of files and programs correctly and you can go about your day while the software successfully finishes with the transfer. Ideally checking within a few hours could prove to be a good idea.

Go ahead and check out the easiest way to shift all your programs and data from old PC to new PC and to remain in your comfort zone with a pretty much similar PC. Also no need to search and install programs from CDs just transfer from your old PC. 

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