Monday, September 9, 2019

Dragon Anywhere Mobile Dictation App Creates Documents With Your Voice

Creating reports is best done when all data is fresh in your mind and you can give a near accurate information about what you have witnessed or read or understood while on the move. Dragon Anywhere Mobile Dictation App is amazing, since it empowers and enables your mobile phone to become smarter and take unlimited long dictations and helps you jot down in writing everything you think about your current reporting subject. This is an awesome app, helpful for your to create documents, emails, edit these documents in Word and give it an official look. Moreover, you can save it to cloud to retrieve it on any other medium so that correction becomes easier.

For those who are well experienced and do not like to wait to send their communication can simply dictate, correct and send this document as email by simply voice sending your this document as an email. You have a huge number of other features like, using voice commands to correct the documents, editing documents and well as adaptability of this software with your speech, this feature makes the Dragon Anywhere app more user friendly and useful. 

For busy individuals who sit in offices or not on move, can take quick notes, create voice notes for themselves which can be integrated into Evernotes to be used later or at the same time. You can synchronize your commands with Dragon desktop so that the same commands can be used universally making it seamless to use the software on every machine.

This software is willing to learn from you, you can save a word you pronounce and next time you say it the software will automatically identify the word next time. Your comfort with using this software will become easier  as you become more regular, its adaptability will take some time to reduce error which is lowest as it boasts of 99% accuracy. Dragon Anywhere Mobile App can be downloaded and used on Android devices and IOS. Pricing of this app is free for trial or you can pay monthly or yearly for reduced price. If you want everyone in your company to enjoy the benefit and increase productivity of your employees you can also go in for the company/enterprise packages.

Download Dragon Anywhere Mobile Dictation app for free and decide whether or not you find it absolutely useful.

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