Friday, August 9, 2019

Mac Internet Security X 9 combines Virusbarrier X9 Netbarrier X9

Mac does not need an anti-virus is a myth, there are no OS today that can be protected from an enterprising hacker. Therefore, Mac is as vulnerable from online attacks, spamware, malware and phishing as any other computer. Mac's intricate system makes it impossible for users to know that their information and data has been compromised.

Intego, brings to you the Mac Security X9 which has two key apps and software programs. The first one is the virusbarrier X9, since Mac is a unique OS it is designed to protect you in real time whenever you are surfing or working on the internet online. It is also programmed to protect you from virus attacks, phishing attempts, password pilfering, malware and adware that could be sending your sensitive information to someone most likely to misuse and loot you. Virusbarrier X9,is a powerful tool that can scan regularly and kees updating to face and eliminate new threats to your Mac.

Second software in this package is the NetBarrier X9, this software makes smart decisions about allowing information pass from your computer to the internet connection. Many a times you may connect to Wi-Fi of a local cafe or a public utility which could easily compromise your data. Easy customizations and management allows you to choose the data functions,  if you have already mastered the controls you can create settings to set it to automatic.