Spooky Sensual Scary Interesting Tragic is All There In Supernatural Series

Supernatural Series Spooky Interesting Sensual

Supernatural is known to almost everyone, those who have followed is since day 1 or people who have started to watch it midway or try to watch it whenever they can. If you have watched it, you have definitely fallen in love with this series at one point or another. Supernatural is all about a father who was a mechanic turned a hunter who wants to know what happened to his wife. So do their two sons who are affected by the horrible way their mother was killed in the house.

Each episode in this series has one main story with many others happening in the background and discovery of newer answers. This series has quite a bit of fan following which increased after characters like the angle Castiel was brought in. Both brothers Sam and Dean have a cult following. Interesting locales, more interesting witches, demons, ghosts and real baddies from the supernatural world tend to come together in this series. You will find earlier episodes of  this series playing it safe. However, around Season 5 to Season 7 the stories became stronger and very interesting. Enough to hook even the unbelievers on to what would happen the next moment.

Every season brings in more interesting stuff, however, after the change in the writer, there was a bit of lull and the Series tend to stray from its original interesting plots. Supernatural has been running quite successfully all over the world, with reruns becoming quite famous. Trying to find parents as well as fighting evil keeps the two men and many those helping them out in their quests easy. Though, Sam and Dean do not have any super powers, they do have uncanny sense of evil and a jest to fight every evil thing that troubles normal humans.

Eventually, the two boys do get their mother back, however, she too becomes one of the leading hunters. They also end up meeting their father, however, none of the family barring the two brothers stay together for a long time. The brothers are interesting to look at, therefore, the show does have a huge fan following especially of the ladies. This series does not have much of sexual content, however, has been classified as an adult series because of blood and gore spewed by several monsters and demons.

Supernatural has run quite successfully for 13 seasons making with millions watching it, the latest as well as the re-runs that are as visually thrilling. Though people remain skeptical about the supernatural existence, it is a great story subject. Moreover, there is quite a bit of literature available about this subject. In Supernatural series too you will find both brothers and other characters sifting through age old books to find out what fiend behaves like the phenomenon they are trying to fight against.

Most of the other characters were not very polished at the beginning of the series, but as the series proceeds you will find each blending into the storyline quite comfortably. The story however, has not deviated much, as brothers battle against powerful dark forces, they often enlist help of other supernatural forces that are on the side of the good. Magic and mantras both are highly entertaining to watch and become a fan of. Since the heroes are youngsters there are light hearted moments which will tickle your funny bone. In fact some of the exchanges between the Angel Castiel, Dean, Devil and Sam are absolutely hilarious.

You will find it has been hosted on many different channels, however, there is always someone who has been interested in watching this one. If this article piqued your interest about the Supernatural, you can watch all seasons on Amazon Prime. Main cast comprises of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard.