Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency A Confused Laugh Riot Which Sorts At End!

If you want to watch something that is fun, yet quirky and thrilling you should watch Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. A mixture of cuteness combined with absolute unpredictable quirky characters has a brush with supernatural throughout the series. The dialogues happen to be unbelievably simple yet unique. However, though beginning is absolutely chaotic, things start falling into place once the seasonĀ  1 gets over.

Here is a wee bit of overview of this super cool serial:

  1. Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett) is a holistic detective who is something special and things are ‘fundamentally interconnected’ and that him as a detective does not bother with petty things like taking finger prints. He has been hired by the reclusive rich scientist Patrick Spring to solve his own murder before he died. Dirk Gently looks perfect for the role of this cool detective.
  2. Todd (Elijah Wood): Works as a bell boy at the hotel where Patrick Spring died. He is also the one who loses his job, car and apartment in one day and reluctantly ends up becoming assistant as well as a friend of Dirk Gently. Todd plays the irritated, depressed, out of work bloke quite well.
  3. Amanda (Hannah Marks): Todd’s sister who suffers from a rare disease called ‘pararibulitis’. She needs Todd’s support to do the smallest things and is continuously on medication to control this condition. With finances in bad condition, here is one twist in the story. Looks at things with unnatural intelligence often comes to the rescue of Dirk and Todd.
  4. Zimmerfield and Estevan (Neil Brown Jr. & Richard Schiff) Police officers who are looking into the case of missing persons. Zimmerman is a perfectionist and Estevan a little lost. Both compliment each other throughout the season 1 story line.
  5. Lydia Spring (Alison Thornton): Young daughter of Patrick Spring who has gone AWOL and the police has been contacted to find her. She is sighted in first episode but has been behaving weirdly for quite some time.
  6. Rowdy 3: Four blokes who tend to suck out emotions especially when a person is going through an emotional upheavel. Are mysterious and aggressive, weirdly they harm only the bad guys. These belong to the ‘Incubus Project’.
  7. Military: Two men who are keeping a watch on Dirk Gently. Often creates funny moments because the police is watching Todd.
  8. Farah Black (Jade Eshete) The super fighter Black is Lydia’s body guard and sort of buddy. She is out to save Lydia and worships Patrick Spring for his generosity with her. Farah has some cool skills. Lydia trusts Farah explicitly.
  9. Bart Curlish (Fiona Dourif): As a holistic killer, she kills everyone she meets. In fact everyone who crosses her path is destined to die with the exception of Ken (Mpho Koaho) who accompanies her on the journey to find Dirk Gently whom she is supposed to kill. Since she her job is to kill, people will find reference where those who died at her hands were not saints.
  10. Gordon Rimmer (Aaron Douglas) becomes the Supreme Soul who is out to find out another part of the machine. Incidentally it is a machine created by Patrick Spring that has started this series of unnatural happenings.
  11. Patrick Spring: Man who has hired Dirk Gently is a brilliant engineer cum scientist. People are after machines that promise to be somewhat awesome even in high technology times like today.

Story begins with gory killing of Patrick Spring and his body guard. Its gory yet quirky. The mixture of confusion and a wonder at what could have caused a amount of destruction. Entry of our hero is fun too, the starts entering through the window of Todd’s home, already angry Todd throws him out of the house. Samuel Barnett does look immensely innocent and harmless as Dirk. He is understandably quite irritating to Todd where he tries to set up his lodging and tries to make Todd his assistant and a friend.

All characters are shown doing their real business, Todd is a real loser, Dirk tries to come off as a real detective, Bart is on a killing spree and the police, CBI and FBI all are doing their business in tailing Dirk. Not a single frame goes without entertaining you. You will feel happy, spooked and impatient enough to go in for story to unfold. From demonized soul, machine that can exchange souls and weird people who are practically evil are there to add to the excitement.

A dog, disappearance of Lydia Spring, Farah, etc., all make a lot of sense once you have got the ‘holistic’ picture of this entire season. There are many aspects which are confusing. Real fun begins when seemingly common siblings like Amanda and Todd start unraveling puzzles that seem to confuse even the best of minds. A series of cryptic clues have been left by Patrick Spring who knows his past and future.

However, towards the end it is obvious that the danger is far from over, the real good guys have died. But though the evil rises so does the good. Lydia Spring shares huge amount of her money with Farah who invests in the Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency making it stronger.

However, till date another season has not started of this very entertaining series written by Douglas Adams.