Fargo Season 1 A Bone Chilling Subtly Terrifying Tale of Crime Mischief & Danger That Lurks In A Quiet Town

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FArgo Season 1

Fargo Season 1 is every bit of best crime thriller that someone who loves this genre will find fascinating. A small town where people are not what they seem. The ordinary is actually something superb, the simple and mousy is evil. In an overview it all seems like pieces of dominoes that start falling with a single interaction between the Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) and Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton). Lester Nygaard is a insurance salesman with no so happening personal and professional life. His wife does not leave a single opportunity to abuse him and make him feel worthless.

Living in a small town of Bemidji, Lester has to face his childhood bully who insults him again this time in from of his children. Tormented and injured Lester is hurt and visits the hospital for a quick patch up. While in waiting room, Lester meets with Lorne Malvo who is there to get himself treated from injuries. Malvo has been on killing spree and is already being searched for in the geographical area. Malvo ends up listening to his woes and giving subtle message of killing the bully Sam Hess. Lester prods Lorne to kill him himself, a weird ‘Yes’, prompts not so nice death for Sam Hess.  As the series proceeds, it is quite astounding to see underdog Lester’s transformation into a confident man who will not stop at any devilry.

Lester kills his wife stages as if it was murder, Malvo kills police officer who came to Lester’s house and saw the dead body of Lester’s wife. However, Lester stages it like an attack but is however injured on his hand. Police is heart-broken when the Chief is killed, however, the responsibility then falls on someone who is not prepared to face the facts nor the blood that each murder brings. Malvo does not spend much time in killing another one. He manages to kill the person who bullied Lester, bolstering Lester’s courage for killing his wife.

Malvo is a hit man, who kills people for money. However, his quirky style is to leave his victims in the snowclad isolated woody stretches where the terrified victim seeks hiding space and dies with hypothermia. This is because his clothes have been removed by Malvo and they are in their underwear. With numerous deaths turning up in their vicinity, the Bemidji police show their grit and determination. Molly Solverson (Allison Tolman) is left to investigate the crimes. Bill Oswalt (Bob Odenkirk) becomes the Chief of Police.

Slow small town with negligible crimes becomes a place that is battling with people being murdered in a sudden spurt. Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks) is on traffic duty when he sees Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) for the first time and is made to visit the police station where he meets Molly. He gives the description of the criminal however, he is under no suspicion until he is seen with Lester. As time passes more characters get involved in the story. There is Lester’s brother whom he frames as a murderer. There is also growing intimacy between Molly and Gus. Gus’s daughter sees Molly as probable mother, who she wants and a family which she would love to have. Both Molly and Gus get married and towards the end Molly is pregnant.

As a traffic policeman, Gus does have an interesting encounter with Malvo where he threatens Gus. As a result he lets Malvo get away. Meanwhile, after wife’s death Lester has found new found confidence. As an insurance salesman he tops the sales and marries a colleague. In Lester’s bid to escape imminent arrest he involves several other innocent characters. Lorne earns money through blackmail where both Lester and Lorne have moved on and got themselves happier successful normal lives. However, Lester being the over confident man sees Malvo in a cafe, and their now settled lives take turn for the worse.

Fargo Season 1 CASt
Fargo Season 1 Cast

Entire cast is sort of full with dark humor, there is no space for laughter in between all the mayhem and killing brought on by Malvo. He diminishes every competition and ends up killing entire mafia house even though there is FBI working on their case. The story of Fargo Season 1 is intricate and entertaining. Every character is true to its self form. Molly is brave compared to Gus who never did want to become a police officer he wanted to become a mailman which he does become.

There are lighter moments because of hit men sent to kill the killer of Sam Hess by crime syndicate boss. This duo is not just funny, they do end up adding more to the speedy trail of crime that has been set up by Lorne Malvo. There are also couple of FBI agents who are not competent and attentive enough. Sam Hess’s wife discovers that she does not have any insurance money coming through because two installments were not paid.

The climax is very interesting and involves every important character. Unlike other fast paced crime series, this one travels at a slow rural pace with happenings resonating with the cold and hard climate. However, clear and crisp visuals and suspenseful music lead to adding more thrill to this superb Fargo Season 1 series that should never be missed.