Jane Eyre Intrigues But It Does Become Tedious At Times

Have always been a fan of the classics and Jane Eyre does become the list until the time I read it again recently. Charlotte Bronte with her super imaginative and writing skills does make this young lady a super heroine. One of the most important aspects of this book is that Jane is aware of her looks and somehow the way she has been brought up, these do not remain important for her. Somehow she does seem to have an imperious overview about those who are really good looking. Description about her looks and that of the Edward Rochester, her employer and later her lover do not make you fall in love with the characters.

Jane Eyre however, is a girl untouched by the world, therefore, since she is not much of a society woman, it is possible that she falls for Edward who is both moneyed and attractive enough for her. Coincidences in this book are remarkable, that is what makes this unreal. Therefore, most readers do not relate themselves to the heroine, rather they do detach themselves and some quit reading altogether. Charlotte Bronte was known to write realistic characters, however, Jane and Edward are far from it. Discourses between them are long and often boring. These are not philosophical, these become hypothetical most of the times, since Edward is testing Jane till he comes to the conclusion of marrying her. Also Jane is known to have a sharp tongue, therefore, her answers are quite unique and original.

Till the time Edward tells Jane the truth about his wife, it seems that he is using fact that Jane is ignorant about the ways of the world and is about to cheat her. His wife is both mad and violent. Mostly, she is dangerous to herself as well as to the inmates of the house. Charlotte Bronte does take you to the colonial world where grand parties and games were a theme. However, Edward Rochester keeps changing his ways throughout the book. Her journey when she leaves the home of Rochester to leave him since the marriage does not come through, does make the reader pity her. However, events with the cousins and ultimate reality that she in fact has inherited substantial amount of money becomes a far fetched idea. In short, it is too good to be true.

However, the reader does come to terms with these events since till now they badly want something good to happen to Jane and Edward. The end is both loving and endearing. This is where Jane unites with Edward, he as been in an accident and the noble man that he is tries to save his wife from fire she started. He has now lost his eyesight and a hand from the fire. He has also shifted his residence since the accident. “Jane, Jane, Jane” is what he tends to shout when he is reminded of her. This is spooky yet not impossible especially when two souls are deeply in love with each other. However, the parts with her brother and the sisters do tend to get quite tedious to read, so does the exchange between Jane and Edward.

The book has been acknowledged as one of the superb classics throughout the history, however, it seems to be less for the content and more for the fact that young girls seem to fall in love with Rochester and also want something fantastic for Jane who has been tortured by her aunt and her siblings since her childhood. She has both weathered and fought against all the odds that life has presented to her. This she did without bowing down or without being apologetic. Jane is shown to be a strong woman with mind of her own. She is shown to be smart and independent in times where women were not so much until they had their own money.

Getting her own money does not turn her head, instead she shares it with her cousins and helps them get out of their employment to become independent. St. John Rivers is a missionary wanting to work in India, however, she refuses to accompany him when he asks her to. Since, in her heart she also knows that she is still in love with Rochester and will never be happy with St. John Rivers.

With the substantial money her sisters get, they retire from their employment to set up homes of their own. There is surprisingly no greed on anyone’s part. This book is a classic only if you view it as a love story, otherwise it does not provide you a rich look into the character of every person involved. Most those who are near to Jane are too good and moneyed as well as the rich have been somehow given the shorter end of the stick. Jane Eyre is a classic rebellious love story, it is almost feminist.

BroadChurch British Crime Drama Is Picturesque With Brilliant Story!

broadchurch tv bbc crime series
broadchurch tv bbc crime series

Ten year old Tom Latimer is found dead on the beach, his family has been a resident of small seaside town of Broadchurch. It starts a huge wave of both tragic feelings and sudden country wide interest in the entire family and their surroundings. Tom Latimer’s case comes to the local police, Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) is the deputy investigator who is waiting for a promotion. However, she finds this case has been given to the newly appointed DI Alec Hardy (David Tennant). Broachurch is a small series and spans over 3 seasons and 3 fantastic stories to match its hype. It has the quirky, typical British behaviour. Season 1 is all about Latimer family trying to cope with the loss and Alec as well as Ellie trying to find the killer. Season 1 is high in drama.

Detective work by Alec and Ellie leads to some skeletons coming out of the closet. Tom’s father Mark Latimer (Andrew Buchan), has an ongoing affair with owner of a local hotel Becca Fisher (Simone MAcAullay). Mark’s guilt and understanding that both parents checked in on their children comes into consideration. Many people come under public and media scrutiny and some innocent people soon become victims of media frenzy and public anger. Ellie Miller has special interest in the case since both Miller and Latimer families have been friends for quite some time. Ellie Miller is good friends with victim Tom’s mother Beth (Jodie Whittaker).

Time starts passing by quite fast, but the investigation does not yeild any results. There is the footage of Tom going out at night towards the cottage where he was killed. But no one seems to know what happened. Need and desperation to find a closure and the criminal become unbearable for the suffering family. So much so that the media influences Mark and Jodie – Tom’s parents to start an appeal to encourage anyone to come forward with information. Naturally, with the help of the media they start digging into the past of DI Alec Hardy and find out that his earlier case too remained unresolved. Also that the parents of two dead girls are still searching for answers when two girls disappeared from their homes the case is known as the Sandbrook murders.

All pressure and personal problems have already taken a toll on DI and he

broadchurch british tv series
broadchurch british tv series

suffers from arrhythmia. In order to recuperate he must undergo a surgery however, it could be a touch and go for him. However, him and Ellie manage to stay rooted inspite of all the noise and media noise going on around them about both the cases. Tom’s murder and disappearance of two girls are independent investigation to be solved by a single person. Alec Hardy keeps working on both, Ellie helps out in Sandbrook case too.

Relationship between two detectives is very interesting. They are obviously not friends but depend on each other and trust each other completely. Ellie realizes she gets to learn a lot from Hardy, at the same time Hardy tends to depend on Ellie’s instinctive insights that are very helpful in his professional and personal life. DI Hardy survives surgery and starts off with a renewed vigor. They manage to catch the killer who is most unpredictable. (Not naming the killer, you will find it more interesting to discover while watching)

Season 2 story of series Broadchurch is Alec Hardy’s earlier case in which Ellie insists on helping. It is the case of Sandbrook murders there is lesser melodrama and a fantastic storyline that has everyone hooked. Sandbrook murder is though of as one Lee Ashworth the immediate neighbor of one of the girls who disappeared. Claire Ripley is married to Lee Ashworth, how is carefully hidden by Alec Hardy since she claims that she faces in constant and imminent danger from Lee Ashworth and that she fears for her safety. Season 2 becomes all the more exciting because there is also a parallel ongoing trial of killer of Tom Latimer who goes free because of lapses in the formalities and not the investigation. Sandbrook case happens to be even more complicated since there were two girls involved. Upon Ellie’s suggestion that Alec should stop playing according to Claire who is scared of her husband but not scared enough to have sex with hi,. Pieces start falling in place once he stops protecting Claire. Instead he goes ahead and reveals and confronts Lee Ashworth claiming Claire has got Lee’s child aborted. Each criminal’s insecurity compels them to be the first one to run to police safety and turn witnesses. Ellie and Alec manage to break both cases.

Season 3 is about rape of Trish Winterman, which is particularly tricky because she was hit on head prior to the rape and has no recollection of who did it. All she remembers is being at a party celebrating her best friend’s 50th birthday. Alec has moved back to Broadchurch, this time with his daughter both are learning to live together and at the same time adapt to the new life there. Ellie’s insights help in go through difficult phase of looking after a teenage girl who has some problems with boys at his school. Season 3 does lack the brilliance of Season 2, though the story is as intriguing. Nevertheless, entire TV series is visually pleasing with lovely seaside views and sea waves.

Drama of the Season 1 can be a little overwhelming. David Tennant and Olivia Colman complement each other perfectly. This series is interesting to watch and thoroughly enjoyable to lovers of criminal investigation.